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Rare EC Comics Horror Art on eBay


There’s quite a gem of an auction going on in the horror section of eBay today. Of the 9,000 plus scary items available on the site, the rarest of the rare is Harvey Kurtzman’s original artwork for EC’s Vault of Horror. The starting bid of $12,250 may seem high. But Kurtzman is one of the fathers of the modern comic book, a real legend of the medium known best for being the founding editor of Mad. He also created the “Little Annie Fanny” series for Playboy. He left EC comics when he and honcho Bill Gaines had a fight about who should own more of the company. Some believe the comics were never as good after his departure. The seller on eBay says, “These are generally the hand drawn art works. Each an unique image labored by artist(s) for many hours or some times days to produce the key storytelling image…whether it is pencil or ink or color.” But the seller is wrong about the issue number. Vault of Horror actually started with issue #12.

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