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Prototype Will Haunt You

Prototype There’s an old saying that the makers of Prototype, the upcoming sci-fi horror game, like to use: Fight not with monsters lest you become a monster. Imagine our government overreaching its powers to the extent of 1932 Germany. In fact, imagine a government overcome by monsters provoking fear in the streets as well. Hardcore gamers list Prototype as one of the most anticipated disks of 2008, not only because Radical, the creator, knows how to program an open world where you can explore almost anything. It’s also because the story about a biological outbreak that hits Manhattan is so appalling. Today, GameTrailers has an in-depth interview with the team making the action game. Even if you haven’t been psyched about Prototype, their enthusiasm will infect you. Pause the video when the art director’s in front of his wall of graphics: It’s clear Radical’s put more effort into these concept paintings than most movie studios do for storyboards.

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