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Phantom Mansion: The Pleasures of a Casual Game

Souls It’s no secret. The big revolution in games over the last year has been among the casual ones. No game exemplifies this more than Phantom Mansion: Spectrum of Souls, a free, horror-oriented puzzle game which forces you to think oh-so-logically. Says Jess at Jay Is Games: Phantom Mansion "puts you in control of Hector, a little spiky-haired dude whose mission is to rescue the many spirits trapped in a giant, foreboding mansion." To win, you’ll have to defeat pesky ghouls and deal with weird magic spells that waylay you in the various rooms. Overall, it’s a lunchtime diversion that gets you primed for a nighttime Monsterfest. You can probably finish gameplay within one room in about five minutes or less—if you dare.

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