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Paramount’s Brad Grey on Cloverfield

Cloverfield_poster Yesterday, Paramount Pictures honcho Brad Grey told the New York Times why Cloverfield was greenlit so quickly. Apparently, Grey lives in awe of the old days when Steven Spielberg was the favorite director of studio heads Lew Wasserman and Sidney Sheinberg. Says the newspaper, "Mr. Grey remembers telling (J.J.) Abrams: ‘I’m going to be Sid and Lew, and you’re going to be Steven.’ And so, the movie went from pitch meeting to go-ahead within days. Matt Reeves, the fairly unseasoned director who got the nod, was stunned by the alacrity with which the film was made, especially since top directors in Hollywood can have pet projects linger in limbo for decades. Now, the rest is up to the audience. Now the question is will Cloverfield make it’s $25 million back this coming weekend?

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