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Meet The Other Jigsaw


For some time now, Marvel Comics has been publishing Punisher War Journal. Lately, the book has less to do with war than it has to do with good, old-fashioned hero versus supervillain fisticuffs tinged with horror. In the latest issue, you’ll meet this frightening baddie to the right. His name’s Jigsaw and he’s got nothing to do with the Saw movie franchise. The story, says Marvel, begins with the question, what “makes this otherwise sane, if a little sinister, gangster go absolutely and completely insane whenever he’s around?”

The best thing about the series is that long-time comic book artist Howard Chaykin is doing the pencilling. From his early days with Killraven to the more recent vampire comic Black Kiss, Chaykin’s style is inimitable. Yet, with this horrific cover by Alex Maleev, Chaykin’s got some serious competition.

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