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Mature-Rated: Condemned 2 Trailer

Condemned_2 When the clip for Condemned 2: Bloodshot was released this morning (on GameTrailers), I expected more bloody detective work as a rogue cop tracks down serial killers—pretty much a redux of Sega’s Condemned: Criminal Origins (2005). But here, you see everything from long-fanged vampires to bile-spewing zombies while the detective with a drinking problem can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s in his head. As he traverses the underbelly of society, this world-weary antihero says, "My name is Ethan Thomas. I work for the serial crimes unit. And the blood on my hands ain’t never washin’ off…When a guy like me is your only hope, you’ve got a problem." The blood-soaked horror game that’s mature-rated will hit stories on Tuesday, February 26. You’ve been warned.

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