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Lego Jedi Masters

Whatever you did with your last 38 hours, it’s probably not as impressive as this stop-motion animation film of the Millenium Falcon assembling itself out of LEGOs.  But that’s not your fault, few things are!

Paul Romein and Greg Radzimowsky of Techno Monkey Media are the masterminds behind this YouTube sensation that’s been viewed almost 1.5 million times.  Starring LEGO’s Millenium Falcon model 4504, the video crackles with kinetic energy as all the little details of the model are fleshed out by robots, snakes, explosions, and even Pac Man!  Keep your eyes peeled for little LEGO Chewbacca wandering through on his way to the driver’s seat.

These guys are lucky they didn’t tackle the Falcon 10179, or they’d probably still be at it today—it’s almost three feet long and is supposed to take 25 hours to assemble, and that’s without the grueling stop-motion process thrown into the equation.  Hoped they saved energy for the sequel!

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