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Japan Merges Real Doll With Robot Receptionist

The other day, sci-fi comic auteur Warren Ellis wrote a foul-mouthed modern-day interpretation of Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. Rule Number Two was the rule that really caught my eye: "Robots do not want to have sex with you."

This is no doubt true, but here’s the problem: Without the prospect of some geeky scientist some day being able to mate with a Marilyn Monrobot he built in his lab, the entire robotics industry of many prominent First World nations would grind to a paralyzing halt. I am, of course, referring mostly to Japan.

Consider this video clip as proof: The Japanese have invented a life-like, ultra-sexy robot receptionist. It’s a robot skeleton crammed into a real doll; dead-eyed, creepy, and dressed entirely in skin-tight pleather, it seems to have been designed exclusively for salarymen who find seducing flesh-and-blood receptionists with promises of exorbitant raises too cumbersome.

Japanese Robot [Live Leak]

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