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Iron Man Retro Suit in the Alloyed Flesh


Lovely sci-fi minx Annalee Newitz over at io9 has employed her constabulary of droogs to invade the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (sort of an international exposition for gadget porn, also known as hell-on-earth to tech journalists). While there, they took some swank shots of Iron Man’s copper plated Mark-1 suit, which is just as sexy in the alloy as it is in the recent trailers.

One thing I was talking to a friend about recently, though, was how I had zero interest in Iron Man when Robert Downey Jr. (the perfect Tony Stark) strips out of the Mark-1 suit. Iron Man’s origin story (captured by terrorists, builds a primitive suit of servo-controlled mechanical armor to escape captivity) is so much more interesting than the rest of the mythos, both from a retrofuturistic design and plot perspective. Unlike other superheroes, Iron Man actually gets less interesting the more powers he gets.

I’m starting to worry that Iron Man may be my Return of the Jedi of superhero movies: I’ll love the first thirty minutes and find the rest boring and unwatchable. Anyone have similar fears?

Shiny Scary Iron Man Suit [io9]

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