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Ikarie XB 1: Soviet Cosmonauts Visit Derelict Spacecraft of Capitalist Pigs

This scene from the Soviet-era science fiction film Ikarie XB 1 is something else. Czechoslovakia’s first sci-fi effort, the film is trippy enough: It features a journey to proxima centaura, time dilation, futuristic foods, first-contact protocols, artificial intelligence, and even Russian robots.

In this particular scene, explorers enter a derelict space craft (from the 20th century) littered with corpses of gamblers stopped in their tracks. And the ship, now centuries later, carries still-active nuclear weapons on board.

It’s a fantastic clip–and has put Ikarie XB 1 to the top of my must-see list. Though I’m not quite sure whether it’s wise to put a nuclear missile release lever in quite that location.

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