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How to Insult a Robot by Lost in Space’s Dr. Smith

c20.jpgWith exponential advancements in the field of robotics occurring daily, I am starting to consider the practical questions on how to address my robot butler. Having a servo-controlled mechanical man as the Jeeves to my Bertram Wooster is an attractive thought. But what do I call him? “Boy” makes me sound like a modern-day plantation boss, which is not the tone I want to strike, but at the same time, I definitely want to enforce my god-like authority over my metal man with every cold command.

Luckily, I can consult an expert on the subject… namely Dr. Zachary Smith from Lost in Space, who filled the 83 episodes of Lost in Space with thousands of robotically-punned euphemisms for the Robinson’s Model b-9 Environmental Control Robot.

Just perusing this excellent list of Dr. Smith’s Monikers for the Robot, I’ve already got some great ideas, not only for dressing down my robot butler (“You hulking mass of mechanical ignorance, I said the Pape du Neuf 98, not the 97!”) , but also to hurl at my bosses when they won’t give me a raise (“You inept goldbrickers!”) and various small, obnoxious children in my neighborhood (“You pedagogical pipsqueaks, get off my lawn!”)

The Complete List of Dr. Zachary Smith’s Monikers For The Robot [Promised Planet] (via SF Signal)

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