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How to Build a Robot Army

If you think about it, the entire history of science fiction media is basically an allegorical primer on how to kick the crap out of the technologically sophisticated aliens, monsters and killer robots. Take War of the Worlds, for example, which teaches us all to stay as filthy and germ-ridden as possible to thwart alien invasion. Tripods can also be destroyed by tripping them with a long length of chain, if John Christopher’s Tripod series is anything to go by. Killer robots, on the other hand, are usually vulnerable to EMPs, electrical overload and questions about the nature of that human emotion known as “love.” And so on.

Yes, the sci-fi fan’s going to be in a good position to protect Earth’s women during any number of hypothetical apocalypses to come. Still, you can never be too prepared, which is why Daniel Wilson has published a compendium guide of defensive solutions called How to Build a Robot Army.

The lovely Annalee Newitz over at io9 seems to like it loads: “The best parts of the book are where he combines his engineering background with scifi scenarios, explaining how to use current, cutting-edge tech like exoskeletons, unmanned aerial vehicles, and battlefield robots, in order to defeat werewolves, ninjas and pirates.” I’m not really sure I need an exoskeleton to beat up a pirate, but even so, this sounds like a must-read.

Tips Onb Defending Earth Against Alien Invaders [io9]

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