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Horror Surfer: Mad Clowns, Masked Musicians, and a Milestone Birthday


Stephen King talks to Time about his birthday, his new book, and life in Florida.  “Sixty’s the new 50, and dead is the new alive.” 

Starstore’s “Life Size Stand-ups” could keep you safe.  If seeing Frankenstein in the window doesn’t stop a burglar, surely the silhouette of Freddy in a dark foyer will do the job.

Finnish rockers are taking their KISS-like rock act to the cinemaVariety reports that the new slasher film Dark Floors stars Lordi band members, known for keeping their real identities hidden, as masked monsters. 

Last week, news broke the news that children think clowns are scary.  Horror fans weren’t surprised but Clowns were deeply upset.  They took the news falling down but now they’re fighting back.  Will Reuters have pie on it’s face?

Fangoria and Ed Wood fans remember Rev. Lynn Lemon.

Director Sean Ellis reveals his inspiration for The Broken in an interview with  The “creepy” film stars Lena Heady of The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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