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Horror Fans Reveal High Standards in Year-End Roundups

Because they have an appreciation for the lowbrow as well as the high, horror movie fans are often castigated for having a lack of taste. Yet a quick look at the recent Top 10 roundups for 2007 on sites like Bloody Disgusting, Horror Hound, Horror Hype, and reveals a decidedly consistent preference for artfulness over pure shock. Of the five movies most often appearing in the top five slots, all were far from gratuitous slashers: 28 Days Later, 30 Days of Night, Grindhouse, The Mist, and Zodiac. It’s seems worth noting that while fanboys and girls are honoring the artistry within the genre, the National Film Registry is once again ignoring it. Among the 25 latest inductees deemed worthy of preservation, you will not find Carrie, The Exorcist, or Rosemary’s Baby—surely all films that qualify as "culturally, historically or aesthetically" important.

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