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Early Reviews for Cloverfield

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Now that Cloverfield is nearly here, the early reviews have arrived. The verdict? It’s good, not great.  (That shaky Cinéma Vérité  camera work is always bound to alienate some folks.)  Here are a few more early views:

“Technically compelling it manages to wring at least two goosebump moments out of sheer filmmaking skill alone, which is a good thing because the story, acting, actors, plot and pretty much everything else couldn’t wring goosebumps out of a lumpy goose.” –Grady Hendrix, Twitch

“At a breezy 84 minutes long (with credits), the film delivers the rollercoaster thrill ride it promises–not the genre-changing action/suspense masterpiece that many seem to already be demanding.” –Garth Franklin,  Dark Horizons

Cloverfield is a bold genre-reinvention unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.” –Harry Knowles, Ain’t It Cool News

“Despite its indie-flavored shooting style, first-rate visual effects, reasonable intensity factor, nihilistic attitude and post-9/11 anxiety overlay, this punchy sci-fier is, in the end, not much different from all the marauding creature features that have come before it.” –Todd McCarthy, Variety

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