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Devil May Cry 4: Real Fun, Yes: Real Women, No

Devil May Cry 4
for PlayStation 3 is the most anticipated horror game of Winter 2008. The action series features well-written, well-conceived characters, hundreds of creepy enemies to battle in melee fashion, and some of the grossest monsters this side of Resident Evil 4. When the game hits stores in early February, you’ll be able to play as Nero (and exercise his powerful demon arm the Devil Bringer). GameTrailers has amassed all of the preview videos from the Capcom game, as well as some new Japanese commercials. The best of the cut scenes features a fight with an over-the-top clown-giant with massive, sickle arms. With all due respect to the beautiful camera angles that come into play when the acrobatic, grossly-large-breasted, ice-eyed Gloria enters the fray, you can’t help but wonder: When will gamemakers start making women who look real?

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