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Dario Argento to Direct Serial Killer Film Featuring Asia

Dario This morning, Variety reports that Dario Argento will be working with his daughter Asia on Giallo, a slasher film co-starring Ray Liotta and Vincent Gallo. According to the trade publication, "Argento’s latest thriller will revolve around serial slashings of some very attractive women being investigated by a solitary cop, played by Liotta, who engages in a cat-and-mouse game with the psychopathic perpetrator, played by Gallo." (Gallo actually played a psychopath convincingly in FX’s guilty pleasure Dirt last year.) Fans of Asia will remember her role in the director’s last thriller, The Mother of Tears. Word is that Dario wants to return to his roots with Giallo (which means "yellow" in Italian) so expect something in the vein of Suspiria and Deep Red .

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