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Daily Scan: 01.29.08

• Britain’s most ass-kicking, brown-toothed thug as The Crow? “You remember, boy… The Crow said don’t look!”

• J.J. Abrams’ X-Files rip-off gets two new cast members.

• The opening credits to Out of this World, one of the tackier and guiltier pleasures of my youth. That’s Burt Reynold’s voice coming out of the prismatic extraterrestrial diamond, and the space ships are all from Buck Rogers. I still have a crush on Evie… not to mention Buzz Belmondo!

• I don’t think there’s been a fan campaign to save a show this dedicated since the Browncoats fought for Firefly: Pissed off Journeyman fans get a newsletter.

• When The Doctor’s companions become too old, shriveled, and jerky-like to cast moon-eyes upon him, they get their own children’s shows… which get doubled in episode order for their second season.

• Four thousand years of Star Wars wrapped up into one epic storyline, possibly about the ancient Sith.

• Guillermo del Toro looks like he’s going to direct The Hobbit, there apparently being a rule that only fat, bearded dorks can direct Tolkein in Hollywood.

• John Cleese will funny-walk his way through the Day The Earth Stood Still remake. I like Cleese, but he hasn’t been in anything that wasn’t utterly execrable for twenty years. Everything about this movie looks terrible.

• Steven Gould is cashing in on Jumper by re-releasing his novels, which will surely surprise readers when they pick them up expecting the film in prose form.

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