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Daily Scan: 01.28.08

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• Any plot development (especially a death) in a comic book is so meaningless it’s barely worth noting because they’ll ret-con it. But for the morbidly ogrish: Professor X is dead. AGAIN.

Bionic contact lenses with an imprinted electronic circuit and lights for the myopic would-be cyborg!

• Every city needs giant monster insurance. Letterman expose on those cashing in on Cloverfield.

Jericho gets a new lease thanks to Sci Fi Channel reruns.

• Only tangentially sci-fi, the title to the next Bond movie has been announced as…. Quantum of Solace. Uh, what?

• SF Signal has a great little Star Trek Jukebox for your listening pleasure.

Astro Boy gets a new director of ex-Pixar fame.

• Vampires, zombies, and werewolves meet tzaddiks, golems, and mishpachah: stories by Hebrewpunk.

• io9 has an compendium of sci-fi excrement monsters for you to mull over.

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