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Daily Scan: 01.15.08


Slashfilm has a collection of Cloverfield fan art depicting the monster. Most are pretty good; others are just wonderfully inept.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows might get the Kill Bill treatment: a four hour film split into two for theatrical release. The claim is they can’t possibly compress the story into three hours. One suggestion: Leave out the 500 pages of Harry and Hermione in the woods, arguing about what to do next.

• 17 new pictures of the upcoming teleportation flick, Jumper.

• The Save Journeyman by Streaming It campaign seems to be doing remarkably well. Keep at it, drooglings.

Swamp Thing: The Series slimes its mossy way to DVD. Hey, the show can’t be any more unwatchable than the films.

• The Internet Archive is hosting a spectacular 1960s BBC radio serial adaptation of John Wyndham’s Day of the Triffids, one of my favorite apocalyptic novels.

Will Wheaton is pleased to announce that the most loathed character in all of Star Trek history is back. Wesley Crusher is now a Starfleet Engineer: I guess the character’s ascension to godhood just didn’t work out.

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