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Christina Ricci as Cenobite: Fact or Fancy?

Hellr_2 While perusing Bloody-Disgusting’s preview for 2008, I was stopped dead in my tracks by a publicity still for the upcoming remake of Addams Family movies and also starred in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow and the Kim Bassinger vehicle Bless the Child .

So why no mention of her participation yet on the Hellraiser website or IMDB? Here’s one theory. About a decade ago, I began hanging out with a group of actors/filmmakers which included Ricci. And even in social situations, the quirky actress always played her cards close to the vest. As the years passed and Ricci solidified her rep with roles in Pumpkin, Prozac Nation, and Monster, I naturally assumed she’d left her horror film days behind her. But now that Clive Barker and Dimension films feel that the time is right for a Hellraiser redux, I, for one, would love to see Ricci’s return to the form as well. In short, if that isn’t her in the photo, it should be. Until it’s proven otherwise, the fantasy lives on.

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