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Black Dog: The Last Great Trucker Movie

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When Black Dog was released in 1998, trucker movies were a dying breed.  The genre exploded into theaters in the 1970s when interest in trucker culture was at its peak and CB lingo permeated mainstream conversation. Those were the days of Smokey and the Bandit , Steel Cowboy and Breaker! Breaker!–even Steven Spielberg helped drive the genre’s popularity with Duel . Then cinematic action shifted away from big rigs making big explosions and moved toward the “buddy cop” formula or movies based around military missions. Black Dog stands out as an action-packed thrill ride that returns audiences to the days of 18-wheel glory.  

Patrick Swayze stars as a retired truck driver who reluctantly returns to the road one last time.  He’s a tour de force determined to deliver his illegal cargo–to save his family–and somehow still end up on the right side of the law. In typical trucker fashion, the movie is a little bit country (Randy Travis also stars) and a little bit rock and roll (Meat Loaf plays the bad guy).

In 2006, ranked the top five trucker movies of all time in “5 for the Road” and, according to their readers, Black Dog came in at number three. They describe this Swayze film as “Roadhouse takes to the open highway.”

Enjoy the ride. Black Dog airs on AMC Tuesday, January 29 @ 11PM | 10C. Click here for the full schedule.

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