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Best of the Scanner: 12/31 to 1/4

Monday: While you were out pounding champagne, our resident geexpert John Brownlee was pondering the tempestuous interspecies love affairs of Charlton Heston.

Tuesday: Time flies when you’re having fun—at least for Robert Zemeckis who learned his Back to the Future trilogy landed a spot in the National Film Registry.

Wednesday: No Frakkin’ Way! SciFi Scanner will be talking with Battlestar Galactica scribe Ronald D. Moore next week! Send in your questions ASAP, and perhaps this Sultan of Cylon will respond.

Thursday: Before he asks himself why he teleported you, Tyler Perry will Kobayashi Captain Kirk’s Maru in J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek prequel.

Friday: Faithful readers were positively shocked to learn that hermit comic scribe Alan Moore doesn’t want his name attached to Watchmen. Just when you thought you knew some one…

SciFi Dept Video: Kevin Maher’s oh-so-good analysis of Peter Jackson’s first feature film, Bad Taste.

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