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Best of Monsterfest: Week of Jan. 21

1. Fear(s) of the Dark: Effective Viral Marketing helps spread the word about an imaginative new film.  Once you see these images, most likely, you’ll share the fear(s).

2. If complete strangers are upset by Heath Ledger’s sudden death, imagine how Terry Gilliam feels. In 2003 the director had to stop filming The Man Who Killed Don Quixote when the star was too ill to continue. Now Ledger’s Death Puts Imaginarium in doubt.

3. He was a plumber but now he’s a Monster Slayer.  Sounds like a great guy right? Slamdance (that other festival) loved Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer.

4. After a hard day at the office, Playboy editor Robert DeSalvo unwinds watching monster movies.  Read his top ten list.

5. If you liked 30 Days of Night and are now thirsting for more, this wine company might help: Drink What Vampires Drink.

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