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Best of Monsterfest: Week of Jan. 14

1.  Will Uwe Boll ever make a good horror movie?  The critics don’t seem to think so.

2.  G.J. Charlet III spends a lot of time with dead people.  Maybe that’s why, when this funeral director’s at the movies, zombies don’t scare him as much as demons.  Read his horror film top ten list.

3.  Sweeney Todd makes history by getting a Golden Globe. Horror fans might finally get respect from Tinseltown or, at least, more musicals.

4.  Sadly, TV host Vampira didn’t live forever.  Maila Normi passed away at age 86 leaving us wondering how to keep her legacy alive.  YouTube helps.

5.  Who would be foolish enough to pick a fight with John Carpenter?  The Halloween director fought back to get his hard-earned royalties using (no, not a knife and a scary mask) the legal system.

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