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Atonement, Hairspray, and Juno Directors on the Strike and Awards Shows

Dpanel4 With the Golden Globes reduced to a news conferece and the fate of the Academy Awards uncertain, directors of recent box office winners, like Juno and Atonement , responded to the impact of the writers’ strike on awards season, during a panel discussion on this week’s Shootout.

Reactions were as varied as the movies represented.  Juno director Jason Reitman (above right) joked about show cancellations, "It’s tough. All of us really love going to awards shows…. [We’re] whores for hardware."  But Hairspray director Adam Shankman (above left) said it was "sad" that people like Juno‘s screenwriter Diablo Cody, who was nominated for a Golden Globe, are being denied chances "to walk up and get her award for something she worked so hard and so long on."

Not all sympathies pointed in the same direction.  John Sayles, director of Honeydipper, defended awards boycotts by emphasizing that the strike is directed against the broadcasting companies.  "We aren’t striking those (awards) shows," he said. "We’re striking the people who have the contract to do the show on TV.  The Academy Awards started as a party that was not televised."

Another view came from across the Atlantic from British director Joe Wright (Atonement).   "When I work in England I feel a little bit like a secret agent, a little bit undercover," he said. "You feel like you can break the rules. You don’t have the very strict union control."

What do you think about the strike’s impact on awards season? 

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