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“Alien Vs. Hunter”: Hey, This Isn’t The DVD I Wanted!

Precisely how stupid and shameless can a direct-to-DVD knock-off of Alien vs. Predator get? Three words: Alien vs. Hunter.

The brainchild of Asylum—a company known for releasing timely knock-offs such as Transmorphers, Snakes on a Train, and Pirates of Treasure Island— had an estimated budget was $500,000. Admittedly, the concept this time around is brilliant because 20th Century Fox can’t sue them for using such a vaguely descriptive word as "alien" to sucker people into thinking they’re getting a Xenomorph when, in actuality, they’re getting a giant spider. And a brief trip to the thesaurus gave them their synonym for "predator," which looks like a reject from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers .

Watch and learn, potential filmmakers. This is how millions are made without little talent, money, or inspiration.

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