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Alan Moore Won’t Go See “Watchmen” Either

Dsc00514747830The Defendant: Alan Moore—a wild-haired magician with small animal scapulas woven through his beard, whose startling eyes only slightly reflect the pulsating brain within. It’s hard for me to think of a comic book writer I admire more. Unfortunately, like most geniuses, Moore has had bad luck with Hollywood adaptations of his work.

Exhibit A: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen—a brilliant pastiche mashing up Victorian Literature with a comic book world is turned into a rote blockbuster.

Exhibit B: From Hellthe perverse examination of mental illness becomes Johnny Depp and Heather Graham meet Jack the Ripper.

Exhibit C: V for Vendetta—the best of the bunch suffers from a misguided attempt to update one nightmare vision of the Thatcher years to a modern-day anti-Bush parable.

The prosecution rests, your honors.

Now the latest Hollywood adaptation of Moore is be based on his all-time classic, Watchmen. I’ve been pretty confident it will prove terrible. Even Alan Moore isn’t planning to see it either as he’s absolutely positive it will prove as terrible as the past endeavors in this regard. Here’s betting he’s right.

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