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ABC Wants You to Know: Spider-Man Watches Lost

lostyears0.JPGFile sharing going where it’s going, I suspect that someday all media will be supported by product placement, so while you may be able to go see Hamlet for free, you’ll have to put up with the young prince parching his thirst with an ice cold Coca-Cola before alas-ing poor Yorick. But since we’re not quite there yet, some product placement seems particularly egregious.

Marvel’s latest advertising tie-in goes into that “egregious” column: ABC has announced that they are working with Marvel to insert images and references to Lost in upcoming comic books like Uncanny X-Men, Hercules, Thunderbolts and Wolverine Origins. The example being provided is a Lost poster in the background of a fight scene, the prominent usage of the number six and the constant repetition of the slogan “Find Yourself.”

It’s honestly a small thing, but it rubs me the wrong way. If they’d actually tried to tie the Marvel Universe into the Lost universe, that would be one thing: I’d think it was pretty stupid, but I’d be interested. But instead, their whole advertising campaign seems to be: “Hey! Wolverine Watches Lost!” That may be true, but I don’t take consumerist suggestions from cartoon characters, which is why Bugs Bunny cartoons never made me an avid consumer of Acme brand products.

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