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A Very Shatner New Year

At a New Year’s Eve party last night, we got around—as you do—to talking Shat. Specifically, his inexplicable series of late ’60s and early ’70s musical appearances on the Mike Douglas Show, of which "Rocketman" is the best known. "Why the hell did Shatner do those songs?" a drunk German woman asked me as she demurely scraped lipstick off her teeth with a finger nail.

I’d never really given it much thought, frankly, then suddenly occurred to me that Star Trek‘s contemporary fan base was largely made up of psychedelic and UFO-obsessed counterculture types. I was pretty sure I had my answer. "Hippies made him do it," I told the girl. She grokked. We kissed at midnight, barely throwing up into one another’s mouths at all. It was magical, and all thanks to the Shat.

On that note, Happy New Year. Now, please try to enjoy William Shatner’s seasonally appropriate performance of "A Very Good Year" on what will otherwise prove to be a very slow news day.

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