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A Day in the Afterlife of Philip K. Dick

Ever since Blade Runner, Philip K. Dick has been the sci-fi zeitgeist of Hollywood. What Hollywood found in Dick is an author whose works could be bought cheap, with central concepts that could be fleshed out for the screen through wild, liberal changes of the plot (that even his core fans didn’t mind much). Many of the best sci-fi movies to come out of Hollywood in the last decade were based off of novels by Dick: Total Recall, Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly.

Dick’s post-mortem success is enough to make you forget that in real life he was a drugged-out maniac whose novels barely qualify as anything besides stream-of-conscious idea delivery mechanisms. But that’s what Dick was: An utterly fascinating neurotic character in the annals of sci-fi literature. Philip K. Dick: A Day In The Afterlife is a wonderful primer to anyone who wants to know more about the man behind some of Hollywood’s weirdest sci-fi blockbusters.

Philip K. Dick: A Day in the Afterlife [SF Signal]

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