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The Top 10 Overlooked Reasons Why The Matrix Is a Sweet Movie

matrix.jpg10. Because nothing would be more confusing than waking up in a cocoon of pink goo with cords plugged into your body.

9. Because of the dystopian fashions which have random yet seemingly strategic tears everywhere, like pre-worn designer jeans.

8. Because the oracle let Neo knock over her vase just to demonstrate a point.

7. Because I’ve often wondered whether I would take Cypher’s deal and return to The Matrix in a state of ignorant bliss.

6. Because this just may be the bleakest future imagined in film to date. There’s not much worse than being harvested for electricity.

5. Because you won’t look at a déjà vu the same way again.

4. Because of the slow-motion flying marble and plaster in the lobby scene.

3. Because of the weirdly slow, deliberate cadence of Hugo Weaving.

2. Because when Neo finally beats Agent Smith in the end, I’ve never felt so proud to be human.

1. Because you can’t prove that you’re not actually in the Matrix right now. Go on, try it.

There are more reasons. Discover them for yourself when The Matrix airs on Monday, January 28 at 8 p.m. | 7C on AMC. Click here for the movie’s full schedule.

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