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Yoda and Jar-Jar in “Who’s on First?”

Abbott and Costello’s "Who’s on first?" routine is one of the greatest stupid jokes of all time. I need not call attention to the fact that, flipping through a phonebook, you will not find a Ms. Gertrude Who, a Mr. Ferdinand What or a Lord Horatio Idunno anywhere. We will all admit that the joke is implausible. On the realistic humor test, it fails. But what makes the routine work is Abbott’s mounting, murderous rage at the abject stupidity of his cretinous cohort.

I never would have thought the routine would have worked just as well with Yoda standing in for Bud Abbott and Jar-Jar Binks substituting for Lou Costello. But somehow it does, mostly because of the bug-eyed incredulity of Frank Oz’s Phantom Menace Yoda puppet.

In conclusion, third base.

Who’s on first? [YouTube]

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