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Where Horror Meets Sci-Fi: The Monster Movie

MonstersSometimes, horror and sci-fi feel like mutually exclusive worlds. The former is dead set on eliciting screams in the here and now; the latter, on envisioning the future. But the two realms overlap with some regularity when it comes to monster movies. Here, mutant creatures and alien invaders work to inspire cries of of-the-moment fear while invoking the majestic powers of science. But if you think the monster movie is horror at its most forward-thinking, you’d only be right some of the time. Other times, this hybrid form is simply a marketing ploy to draw two types of audiences. Nowhere is that more clear then when two freakish, murderous aberrations go head-to-head in battle. Alien Vs. Predator is just the last chapter in that story. Check out the SciFi Dept.’s video play-by-play to see how these Kaiju battles began.

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