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Ultimate Battle #18: Monkey Vs. Robot


Did you know that the first Alien Vs. Predator movie was written by a first-time screenwriter? He wrote an unauthorized spec script, without getting the rights to Alien or Predator .  Know what else?  He based his script on the Dark Horse comic book of the same name and sold the script to 20th Century Fox. But today I want to share another epic battle spawned from a comic book.

In 2000, indie comic-book guy James Kochala published a graphic novel titled Monkey Vs. Robot. The legendary struggle was set to music and later turned into a low-budget music video, featuring Andy Samberg (the guy who would go onto make Saturday Night Live viral videos like "Lazy Sunday").  The flick was a hit at the Slamdance Film Festival and became a favorite on their DVD compilation.   

But is it a short horror film or a music video spoof? See for yourself here.

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