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Tom Cruise: Man on a Mission

200pxmissionimpossibleposterIt was a match made in heaven.  No, I’m not talking about “TomKat.”  In 1993, Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner started Cruise/Wagner Productions; the partnership that gave us Mission: Impossible and Cruise the role of Producer. 

It’s not that his acting career wasn’t going well.  He proved he was more than just a Hollywood heartthrob (just?) with his Oscar nominated performance in Born on the Fourth of July in 1989 and before that he shared equal billing with film legends Paul Newman ( The Color of Money ) and Dustin Hoffman ( Rain Man ).  A lazy person like me would say enough already.  Take a nap.

Based on the characters he plays in the movies, it’s no surprise Cruise would be ambitious: while co-stars fail or even die he takes great risks that pay off bigtime.  The film that made him a star was called Risky Business and it has a happy ending.  For Cruise/Wagner Mission: Impossible was only the beginning.  That franchise and several other blockbusters landed Cruise in the admirable position of being the world’s number one star, according to Forbes‘ annual "Celebrity 100 Power List" for 2006. 

Your New Year’s Resolution if you choose to accept it: achieve the impossible.  Get inspired by Impossible Missions Force operative Ethan Hunt, Cruise’s unstoppable character tonight on AMC Saturday, December 22 at 8 p.m. | 7C.

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