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The Star Trek Advent Calendar


I have always loved Advent Calendars. $1.99 spent at your local Christmas Tree shop is so easily translated into a month of joy, as small, perforated cardboard doors open to reveal 31 days worth of small, chocolate treats. Sure, the chocolate is made of Chinese newspaper. Sure, every kid who has not been born as the reincarnation of the Dali Lama immediately caves to the temptation to devour all the chocolate on December 31st. But of all Christmas traditions, the Advent Calendar is one of the best.

The web can not yet give us chocolate, although I gleefully anticipate the day when it will. What it can do is parcel out treats over the course of a month, at the same time quelling our natural instinct for instant and gluttonous satisfaction.

It’s no surprise, then, that December is filled with blogs doing Advent Calendars. And this year, not even Trekkies are being denied: over at the Twelve Days of Christmas Blog, they are dutifully handing out small gifts to Star Trek fans every day until December 31st. So far, there’s a bunch of podcast, a Hako Bridge papercraft, two Trekkie fanzines and one serious article on the visionaries behind Star Trek. I’ll be tuning in until the 31st, which I hope will reward me with a twelve hour YouTube clip of William Shatner screaming "Khannnnnnnnn!"

The 12 Days of Christmas [Official Site]

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