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The Rusty War Elephant of the Galactic Empire’s Post-Apocalypse

The portion of "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away" we often forget — even though it’s the most important—is the "long time ago" part. Star Wars, unlike most sci-fi, is not about the future: It’s about the distant past of alien species utterly unconnected to humanity.

But if we were to fly to Coruscant today, what would we find? Would the city planet be the rusting hulk of a once great capital, the inter-cosmic ruins of Rome? What would archeologists find, exploring Hoth, Degobah or Tattooine?

Sci-fi modeling site Starship Modeler recently hosted a contest that asked contestants to post their best model "wreck" and modeler Dimitri Kaliviotis took first prize with this incredibly rusty and dilapidated AT-AT. It looks like evidence that a nuclear apocalypse hit the Galactic Empire shortly after the Battle of Endor, which just reminds me how post-apocalyptic a Star Wars universe could really be.

‘Wrecks’ Sci-Fi Modeling Contest [Starship Modeler] (via The Official Star Wars Blog)

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