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“The Ruins” Trailer

Ruins120607 What’s black and white and red all over?  The Ruins, by novelist Scott B. Smith.  And no, I don’t mean "read":  His story of six friends imprisoned by a strange predator in the Yucatan jungle bleeds off the page and onto the big screen this Spring.  Judging by the trailer, this is bound to be more than just the "stupid American tourists receive grisly comeuppance" films we’ve grown to expect from the likes of Hostel and Turista— especially if it sticks close to its bestselling source material.

In the trailer we follow our band of adventurers to a remote Mayan ruin, a "place of sacrifice" surrounded by natives who go from aloof to downright unneighborly.  What is this secret, and what’s crawling around under everyone’s skin?  I know, but I’m not telling!  Trust me though, you’ll never feel clean again.  But why not curl up with the actual book instead of settling for the online spoilers?  You’ve got plenty of time to kill until The Ruins premieres on Friday, April 4.

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