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The Real Voice of Darth Vader

James Earl Jones’ cybernetically trilling basso voce is so indelibly linked in the minds of sci-fi fans with the role of Darth Vader. However, when George Lucas first filmed A New Hope, it wasn’t Jones who was initially hired to be Vader, but instead 6 foot 7 inch tall body builder David Prowse. Prowse’s performance was overdubbed by Jones, but footage still exists of his performance.

Prowse’s broad West Country accent is so antithetical to Vader’s cold, ruthless majesty, it seems absurd that Prowse tried out for the role.The video clip is surreal to watch, but it’s also a strangely endearing look behind the making of Darth Vader, and double underlines the fact that while Jones may have been the only true voice of Vader, Prowse was the Dark Lord of the Sith’s only true body.

The Real Voice of Darth Vader [YouTube] (via SF Signal)

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