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The Lost “Star Wars” Intro

After 30 years and two "restored" cuts, you’d think there’d be nothing left for George Lucas to scrape together, digitally remaster and slap on to a Star Wars 40th anniversary DVD. Well, you’re wrong.

When A New Hope was originally filmed, the original intention was for Luke Skywalker to actually witness the battle between the Star Destroyer and Princess Leia’s ship as they exchanged blasts high above Tatooine. Luke would then rush to a local bar and meet up with Biggs, who’d heap skepticism on the poor farm boy and then fill his head will all sorts of dashing tales about the Rebellion. The scenes were filmed, but edited out due to running time. The only hint that these scenes existed for many years was the fact that they were included in the Star Wars Marvel comics adaptation.

But YouTube user BrokenToe has slapped together the original (and very rough) footage and inserted it chronologically into the original film to give people an idea how George Lucas’ original vision might have played out. All Lucas needs to do now is clean up the video, slap some completely extraneous CGI appearances of Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett lurking in the background, transfer it to a DVD then charge 30 bucks for it!

Star Wars Lost Intro [YouTube] (via Cynical-C)

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