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The J. Hasbien Talent Agency

After the racially charged police brutality scandal in New Detroit, Robocop’s career isn’t what it used to be. Same for the Xenomorph from Alien and the Predator from, well, Predator . While all once possessed lucrative franchises, the careers of the latter two in particular are now limited to shared billing in the Aliens Vs. Predator series, which is sort of Bumfights for out-of-work sci-fi actors. And Boba Fett? Just plumb out of luck until his buddy George Lucas figures out a way to cram some more cameos into future Star Wars DVD releases.

Luckily, the J. Hasbien Talent Agency still cares, even while Hollywood and the public have turned their backs. As Mr. Hasbien makes clear, even after a sci-fi robot or alien’s career has faded, they still have plenty of opportunities in the entertainment industry via convention appearances, birthday parties, and even fetish pornography. J. Hasbien is there to help.

Sci-Fi Has-Been Talent Agency Spoof [YouTube]

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