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The First Church of Galactus


Last week I posted about comic book characters and their religious beliefs. This week I’m writing about a religion based on a comic book character. The always entertaining Positive Ape Index proposed a brilliant (albeit blasphemous) idea: The First Church of Galactus. The argument plays out over four key ideas that are essential to any major religion.

1. All religions need a God.

2. All religions need a good story.

3. You can’t have a religion without an apocalypse.

4. All religions need a bad guy.

Jeff Rovin’s essential reference book The Encyclopedia of Super-Villains distinguishes the Tyrant from typical bad guys, writing that Galactus is not inherently evil…rather he is a Cosmic Being who craves energy.

Sounds pretty God-like to me.

Read the complete Positive Ape Index essay then decide for yourself.

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