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The Airships of Hollywood’s Retro-Future


In the imagined retro-future of my mind, the skies are molten and filled with steel zephyrs, swimming through the air and around skyscrapers like flying whales stroking past an obelisk of volcanic rock. The real future we all live in—filled with cramped commercial jets and local news helicopters—is always so disappointing. How much more interesting the technology of flight could have been!

Luckily, films like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and The Golden Compass stroke this fancy of mine, by depicting fleets of glorious airships that glow like burnished chromium in the dusk. Retro-futurism is not a genre of sci-fi that Hollywood has embraced, perhaps, but I welcome each movie that reflects the esthetic as a little gift appeasing the last tatters of my faith in the Factory of Dreams.

Seeing this post (over at the Daily Galaxy) of airships of tomorrow brought a smile to my face on what has, otherwise, been a gloomy December Friday. They argue for zeppelins and airships as carbon friendly alternatives to jumbo jets. I’m not sure about that, but I can forgive the delusion if it’ll put a fleet this glorious in the sky.

The Airships of the Future [Daily Galaxy] (via SF Signal)

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