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Stephen Susco to Create “Flatliners” TV Series

Stephen Susco, screenwriter for the first two The Grudge movies stateside, is a busy man these days and he gave Bloody-Disgusting some tantalizing tidbits about his current undertakings. Susco’s retribution-filled Red is ready for Sundance, and he’s remaking the classic 1974 Vietnam vet/zombie film, Deathdream, into Zero Dark Thirty

But what’s most compelling is his work developing a TV series based on the Julia Roberts / Kiefer Sutherland vehicle, Flatliners . Think of the possibilities: an afterlife with the fiery rings of terror from Dante’s Inferno or a welcoming place like something out of Alice Sebold’s Lovely Bones. If the show has a serial format like Lost, I’d love to see cameos by Roberts and Sutherland. Who wouldn’t look forward to weekly walking nightmares capable of making you shiver? The mind reels.

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