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“Star Wars” Voodoo Dolls


For the modern day voodoo practitioner, Darth Vader seems infuriatingly far, far away. No amount of chicken guts or nude serpent dances at midnight will allow a voodoo queen to put a hex on the obnoxious C-3P0 or that loathsome Jar-Jar Binks. There is, of course, a simple answer as to why no spells will work: Both Star Wars and voodoo are completely imaginary.

But why let stark reality get in the way of all the fun! Heidi Kenney over at My Paper Crane has created some wonderful Star Wars voodoo dolls to prick, prod, and disembowel. If only there were little lightsaber-pins to jab them with!

May the Creepy Force Be With You [My Paper Crane]

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