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Star Wars in Oscilloscope


At the risk of overdosing you on Star Wars related news, I had to post this: Flickr user Moose2000 has managed to transplant the excellent 1983 Star Wars arcade game into a vintage oscilloscope.

I have incredibly fond memories of the Star Wars arcade game. Since Jaws had long ago settled the issue of whether or not I would go in the water as a pallid and portly youth (I would not), I spent hours pumping quarters into the Wells Beach Arcade’s Star Wars machine, just to get another run on the trench of the Death Star and hear Sir Alec Guinness bless my victory with, "May the Force Be With You."


The game is still great, with it’s crisp vector art and
straight-from-the-movie audio cues. Even my aged mother still loves the
game. (She pumped quite a few quarters into its mouth herself, over the
years.) That it can be played on oscilloscope strikes me as especially
delicious, since the oscilloscope is sort of the all-purpose "no one
knows what it does" doo-dad that all sci-fi B-movie directors stocked
their mad scientists’ labs with in the ’50s and ’60s. Heck, there’s
even one in the Milennium Falcon. Star Wars has finally come home.

Star Wars Oscilloscope [Flickr] (via Boing Boing via Wonderland)


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