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“Speed Racer” Trailer Online

A few days after the first images of the Wachowski Brothers’ upcoming Speed Racer remake hit the web, we’ve now got the first trailer, and boy, does it look great.

This trailer has sparked a lot of ire amongst a certain class of fan boys who appear to feel that the Wachowski Brothers may not be treating the Speed Racer franchise with enough dramaturgical gravity. I’m not quite sure what these people are thinking: Speed’s thoughtful ruminations upon the morality of Chim-Chim’s domestication, perhaps?

Whatever they’re talking about, they’re nuts. It looks like the Wachowskis have taken a bright, colorful cartoon and turned it into… a bright, colorful cartoon. With car-fu. Better yet, it looks like they are playing it unapologetically straight. You can’t be much of a Speed Racer fan if you think this looks bad.

Speed Racer Trailer [YouTube]

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