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SciFi Scanner for 12/10/2007

Queenoftheblackcoast• Who will win in the robo-battle of the ages: Balloon Head or Penguin Bot?

Blade Runner, Soft Drinks and You. Mountain Dew reinvents itself, sort of.

Baroque Star Wars quasi woodcuts, for your perusal.

• Hysteria or overacting, you decide. Benjamin Sisko goes absolutely bonkers when his sci-fi story isn’t published. From Deep Space Nine.

• Robot arms! Yakuza! Ninjas! Tempura! Sushi! Chainsaws! Flying Guillotine! Drill Bra! Machine Girl. Your time has come.

"Look at me. Judge me by slice, do you?" The Yoda pizza.

• Possibly the most absurd, badly narrated adaptation of Conan you’ve ever heard. Mako would roll over in his grave. Robert E. Howard’s Queen of the Black Coast audiobook.

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