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Santa’s Favorite Movie

When it comes to holiday movies, everyone’s got one that they hold near and dear. But if you’re wondering which one is really the best, why not ask Santa himself (or at least three men who claim to be him).

Macyssanta_3 Name: "Kris Kringle"

Age: "As old as my tongue and slightly older than my teeth."

Location: Macy’s flagship store, NY

Years in the Business: "I’ve been working at Macy’s since 1862. As far as my Christmas Eve visits, I think I’m almost at 560 years now."

Top 3 Movies:

1. Miracle on 34th Street: "It’s a great depiction of what I do here at Macy’s, and just so heartwarming. Ed Gwenn did the best depiction of me I’ve ever seen."

2. Polar Express: "Beautiful animation, and a wonderful story about how much believing in something can improve one’s life. It really shows the magic that is Christmas."

3. March of the Wooden Soldiers: "A very old film, with Laurel and Hardy at their funniest. It’s set in a fairytale combined with the North Pole."

Mallofamericasanta_2 Name: "Santa Claus"

Age: 53

Location: Mall of America, Minnesota

Years in the Busines:

Top 3 Movies:

1. Miracle on 34th Street : "It just reminds me of what Christmas is all about. It’s all in the heart. I was always attracted to that film."

2. The Santa Claus : "Tim Allen is so funny in this. The year it came out, I went to a mall with about 35 other Santa Clauses to see an early release. When we’re in large crowds like that, we tell kids, ‘The real one is here, you just have to find him.’"

3. Elf: "It’s a really fun one for the kids, because that’s just what elves like to eat: everything sweet! It’s so fun watching Will Ferrell because he’s just a kid at heart."

Finalsanta_2 Name: Jeff Seal

Age: 27

Location: Harmon Cove Outlet, NJ

Years in the Business: "I’ve been a Santa for a month now.  This is my first season.  The other Santas call me ‘rookie.’"

Top 3 Movies:

1. What Would Jesus Buy: "It almost inspired me to suggest to my family that we forgo Christmas this year until I realized how many things there are that I want and need and how broke I am. Maybe when I get enough socks to get me through a month without doing laundry I’ll bring this up with them."

2. A Charlie Brown Christmas: "It’s a made-for-TV movie that makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside."

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas: "It shows that it takes much more than just putting on a white beard and a red suit to become Santa Claus. In fact, the consequences of having such a flippant attitude towards the Christmas Spirit, like Jack Skellington, can be disastrous."

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